The Britfield Institute

The Britfield Institute is dedicated to encouraging young people to value knowledge. Creativity and leadership are at the core of our programs. Partnering with schools and organizations throughout the nation, Britfield wants to put creativity back into the classroom. Most children are highly gifted if they are given the proper opportunities and support. From their imaginations come a wealth of original ideas and pioneering innovations. Yet most of our educational organizations are designed to discourage creative thinking and undermine the very attributes that foster individualism and original thought. Based on our research, we have found that most children flourish when given the chance to write, invent, paint, build, dance, or learn music. These talents open worlds of creativity that foster ingenuity and visionary leadership.


Britfield wants to bring the valuable skills of creativity, entrepreneurship, group dynamics, and business proficiency back into schools and classrooms. We have established engaging, interactive programs that help inspire, foster, and encourage students to transform their ideas into real innovations and products: a book, an invention, a website, a service, or a business.


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