Finance & Investment

Devonfield is a privately held and funded company. Acting as our own venture capitalist, we work with individual investors, foundations and other funds to create and distribute our products and projects. Our team has over one hundred years of experience in finance, primarily as economic analysts, stockbrokers and investment bankers working directly with Fortune 100 Companies. We partner with many different financial institutions, including banks and equity groups. Although traditional ways of raising capital have changed, new funding for independent projects continues to emerge. Devonfield provides investment opportunities to qualified individuals and groups who value superior quality in films, television, books and the future of education.


We approach each project based on decades of experience and exceptional industry insight. With each movie venture, we determine the project’s marketability, then forecast potential revenues beginning with pre-sales, theatrical release, DVD sales, cable networks, published material, merchandise, tax incentives, and current and developing financial vehicles. The main factors determining the commercial success of a film include the quality of the story, artistic merit, public trends, competition, and the eminence of the cast and director, as well as other factors and participants. This same model is applied with publishing, launching a new book and maximizing its potential over time, including complementary material, merchandise and a feature-length film, such as Britfield & the Lost Crown series, which is estimated as a potential multi-billion-dollar enterprise over the next 10-15 years.


Working with our legal team and outside council, Devonfield makes sure that all the proper financial requirements are in place: diligent research, creating a legal entity for each project, writing a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), developing a comprehensive business and marketing plan, creating a long-term strategic plan, establishing vital partnerships and initiating our international distribution network.


“Invest in quality and the rest will follow.”