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Devonfield Publishing has brought together some of the most talented writers, editors and agents in the industry—experts who understand finely crafted narratives and great storytelling. Our goal is to entertain and educate our readers while providing them with life-changing experiences. We are always searching for compelling stories that offer strong character-driven plots and uncompromising values. When we publish a book, it is distributed through all the traditional and emerging channels, including independent bookstores, major retailers, universities, national organizations, eBooks, and many other global outlets. In addition to managing all aspects of publication, we explore film and television adaptation possibilities. Whether we are working with critically acclaimed, award-winning authors or talented newcomers, our mission is to publish fiction and nonfiction by some of the world's finest writers.


Redefining the World One Book at a Time


With over 100 years of combined experience, Devonfield Publishing has brought together some of the most talented writers, editors, and agents in the literary community. Our goal is to educate and entertain our readers while changing them forever. We work to cultivate compelling narratives that exemplify strong, character-driven plots. Devonfield also has an international distribution network that can deliver our books to retailers worldwide.


Our Genres

  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Middle School Series
  • Young Adult Series
  • Adventure and Suspense Fiction
  • Educational and Learning Material


Devonfield Publishing can take a captivating story and launch it on its own or adapt it into a film or television series. Through our collaboration with experts in the entertainment industry, we offer a network of talent unmatched by other publishers. If we choose to adapt a book into a motion picture, our Film Division enables us to distribute the book prior to or simultaneously with the release of the movie. Sometimes a novel or series will be developed for television or cable, a project that will be handled by our Media Division. The adaptation of a book into a screenplay or television script is seamless—developing a production package, securing funding and planning the theatrical release or television airing.


Libertate per Scientiam

Freedom through Knowledge


Devonfield Publishing is continually tracking the industry to stay current on trends and technical advancements. While traditional hardcover and paperback books will always have a market share, digital books are becoming increasingly popular. Even academic and educational texts are now being delivered through eBooks. Nevertheless, the story is what matters, and quality content never goes out of style.


Publishing and Marketing

The publishing industry has dramatically changed over the last ten years. Today few publishers support their authors or offer the type of resources and marketing needed to give a book the best chance to succeed. This is an unfortunate reality of the industry. Regardless of how hard an author has worked on a book, the emphasis is on your platform: connections, marketing strategy and networks to get your book into the hands of readers.


Most authors believe that once their book is published, the hard work is over; on the contrary, the long journey has just begun. Many books will only sell 300 to 500 copies. These poor results may be caused by many issues: a lack of good storytelling, an inadequate marketing plan, minimum external support, and/or few industry connections. Not only is the traditional publishing system behind the times, but for every hundred books published, only ten to twenty turn a profit. This means that the market is flooded with poor writing and flash-over-substance material. Most publishing companies are run by corporations that don’t understand or appreciate literature and the craftsmanship of good storytelling.


Do you have an idea for a book, or have you already written one? We can help you with your story, create a strategic marketing plan, assist in building a platform (audience), partner with national organizations to publicize your work, organize speaking tours, and take your idea to the international market. If you are going to put in the hard work to create a story, you deserve to have your book do as well as it possibly can. Devonfield supports its authors through the entire process and is always searching for great writers who are committed to uncompromising values and the pursuit of inspiring stories.


We are creativity experts who understand the science of branding, strategic positioning, and visual expression. Devonfield Publishing helps authors develop compelling stories and build their platforms as they enter new markets, works to expand distribution channels and launch dynamic marketing campaigns, and works with educational institutions to advance learning, all while forging partnerships that generate long-term value. We have mastered the art of creative storytelling from the first page to the last.


Current Titles

As we build our literary library, Devonfield Publishing is reviewing many exciting book titles, authors, and series for future publication. Currently, we are focused on the September 2022 launch of Britfield & the Return of the Prince, Book III, the continuation of our exciting middle school/young adult book series.


Britfield & the Lost Crown

“One of the Most Awarded Books in Fiction!”



One of the most awarded and successful books in fiction, the Britfield & the Lost Crown series is transforming literature and education while bringing encouragement to children and families worldwide. With the first of seven Britfield movies in development, the Theatrical Play (October 2022), and the Global Book Tours (2023-24), it is estimated that Britfield will eventually surpass the top book series in sales and worldwide impact. The first live-action Britfield movie is projected to become one of the highest grossing films in cinematic history, rivaling the original Star Wars (1977), ET (1982), and Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005). Creating an interactive world of adventure and learning, Britfield is about friendship, family, and courage. The 7-book series (England, France, Italy, Russia, Asia, South American, United States) will be followed by 7 extraordinary movies.


This Generation’s Book Series


"In this series opener, Stewart offers nearly nonstop action, with escapades both perilous and amusing, and exhilarating hairsbreadth escapes. The conspiracy is bold and compelling while the plot folds in intriguing facts about British culture, history, and famous sites."- Kirkus Reviews


"Along with its relentless action and suspense, Stewart's novel provides young readers with a wealth of information about British culture (with frequent references to literary classics) and the history of the Monarchy and the Anglican Church. Highly recommended, Britfield and the Lost Crown will appeal to both young readers and their parents."

- Parents' Choice Awards - Gold Medal


"The story was everything the cover promised. I felt like I was in a kid version of Mission Impossible. I was on the edge of my seat with narrow escapes, daring plans and unexpected adversaries."- Reader Views Kids


"A joy to read to the very last page, Britfield & The Lost Crown is a high-spirited saga, enthusiastically recommended for personal and public library young adult fiction collections." - Midwest Book Review


“A perfect mixture of fast-paced excitement, heart-stopping surprises, fascinating history, and endearing characters with historical references scattered along the way. Tom and Sarah’s devotion to each other provides an excellent backdrop to the many mishaps and dangers in which they find themselves. I could see this book being used in a classroom setting both as a literature piece and as a geographical and historical resource. Stewart’s clever narrative draws you in and doesn’t let you go till the end!”

– Dawn Weaver, Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews - 5 Stars!


"This fast-paced, vivid tale has many twists and turns which keep tween readers turning the pages," - Eric Hoffer Award


“Tom just barely escapes the evil orphanage with his friend Sara to follow the clues that his long-lost parents may still be alive! Could Tom really be the heir to the British throne? Such a thrilling book filled with so much awesome history about England, crazy mysteries, and truly amazing characters. It had me hooked every second of reading it! I can’t wait for the sequel.”

– Hannah, Age 13, Kids’ Book Buzz - 5 Stars!


“An intriguing first-in-series read that is sure to capture the attention of the middle grade and young adult crowds. Readers journey through English cities and countryside beautifully rendered in the narrative. The book also includes maps and intelligent background information about the setting and history with access to online illustrations and commentaries. Britfield weaves plot, texture, storytelling, and fascinating characters into a winning combination and enriching experience.”

Chanticleer Book Review - 5 Stars!


“As a middle school English teacher of 28 years and a multiple bestselling author for middle grade books, I can honestly say Britfield and the Lost Crown has all the right stuff. Intriguing characters, foreshadowing, and suspense will draw readers in deep and have them gasping for breath for the next chapter and the next.”

Wayne Thomas Batson, bestselling author of The Door Within Trilogy


Britfield & the Lost CrownBritfield & the Lost Crown is an award-winning, bestselling, fast-paced middle school adventure novel that transports the reader from the smoldering crags of Yorkshire, through the heart of England, and finally to the magnificent shores of Dover. Creating an interactive world of mystery and adventure, culture, and education, Britfield is about friendship, family, loyalty, and courage. The first in a seven-book series, Britfield presents a real-world children can relate to and embrace. This fresh approach not only entertains readers but educates them, weaving accurate geography, literature, architecture, and history into the exciting story. Book II takes place in France and Switzerland; Book III, in Italy; Book IV, in Eastern Europe; and Book V, in Asia; Book VI in South America; and Book VII in the United States. As each book continues, Tom and Sarah age by one year.


BRITFIELD & THE RISE OF THE LION, Book II, launched globally July 2021.


BritfieldShortly before Tom and Sarah escape from Weatherly Orphanage in northern England, Tom discovers that his parents might still be alive and was left with a single clue: Britfield. After the harrowing pursuit of Detective Gowerstone across the country, they are thwarted once again when the ferry transporting them across the English Channel sinks. Now in France over six months later, Tom and Sarah are trapped on an island fortress and face an entirely new enemy: a nefarious and clandestine group with unlimited resources. Searching for the truth, Tom and Sarah must navigate the streets of Paris, Cathédrale Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre, chased by an assassin determined to remove any threat to the British throne. Aided by old friends and new allies, the adventure is filled with twists and turns, unexpected betrayals, and life-changing revelations.


A Combination of C.S. Lewis & Dan Brown.

“A smart, adventurous young adult series for the modern reader!”


A Masterpiece!

“The Britfield series is a historical marvel.”


Non-Stop Suspense!

“The story-line is amazing.”


I Couldn’t Put it Down!

“Absolutely loved it—breathtaking!!!”


Well worth the wait!

“Has you hanging on the edge of your seat!”


BRITFIELD & THE RETURN OF THE PRINCE, Book III, launched globally September 2022.


BritfieldOne year later, the Committee has struck back with a vengeance, crippling the Resistance now scattered throughout Europe. When Devonbury Academy in Switzerland is attacked, Tom and Sarah’s only hope is to make it to a safe house in northern Italy by relying on their own experience and covert training. Overpowered and outnumbered, Tom and Sarah are ruthlessly hunted throughout Italy by the Black Nobility. Henry and Oliver discover a devastating truth, Detective Gowerstone is confronted by a dark secret from his past, and Inspector Fontaine is pushed to her limits. Relationships will be challenged, and new friendships forged, culminating in an unparalleled finale of sacrifice, romance, revenge, and loss. Located throughout Italy, the 575 page fast-paced adventure novel will complete a trilogy of a seven-book series and is a masterpiece in storytelling.

C.R. Stewart has Done It Again—Another Masterpiece!

“Britfield & the Return of the Prince is a favorite in our house!”


The Imagery is so Vivid!

“You’re with them throughout the story.”


Love this Series from C.R. Stewart.

“Great historical fiction novel for kids and adults!”



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The children’s series Arnie Hackett, by Lee Alexander, will be released in the August of 2024.


Arnie Hackett is a likable kid with a remarkable stone. Whenever Arnie holds his stone and speaks the name of any animal three times, Arnie becomes that animal. In the adventures of Book 1, Arnie chooses to become a cougar, a wolf, a tarantula, an anaconda, and other exciting animals. Arnie outruns the school bus, plays tricks on his teacher, and even captures some mischievous criminals. Experience Arnie's Animal Adventures as he escapes from the class bullies Billy Borden and Tommy Franklin and when he rescues his best friends Abby Taylor and Kevin Parker. Join Arnie as he performs heroic feats, overcomes many challenges and strives to make the world a better place.