About Us

With over 100 years of combined experience, Devonfield has assembled a remarkable team, advisory board and strategic partners. Devonfield Productions specializes in producing, distributing and marketing the highest quality films and programming in the industry. Producing allows us to choose specific stories that embody our values and offer quality content, then move these projects from concept to final distribution. Devonfield Publishing has brought together some of the most talented writers, editors and agents in the literary world. Our goal is to educate and entertain our readers while changing them forever. We are consistently cultivating compelling narratives that exemplify strong character-driven plots. Devonfield also has a national and international distribution network, which delivers our products and productions to retailers, theaters and cable channels worldwide.


Devonfield Education is dedicated to helping children and young adults learn and advance in knowledge. Creativity and leadership is at the core of our programs. Most children are highly creative if given the proper opportunity and support. From their imagination comes a wealth of original ideas and groundbreaking innovations. Unfortunately, most of our educational institutions discourage the very attributes that foster individualism and original thoughts. Devonfield is committed to changing this. Devonfield Academy is currently in its planning stages and will represent the pinnacle of private education for boys and girls from grades nine through twelve. With advanced research and curriculum from the top programs and schools worldwide, Devonfield will establish a private academy with the finest facilities, educators, limitless opportunities, and real-life experiences from companies located on campus.


While technology continually advances, most of society is consumed with the latest gadgets and software. Although Technology is important, it is only a vehicle to deliver a message. Devonfield embraces innovation yet never loses sight of our mission: Creativity, quality content, and dynamic storytelling. We monitor trends, collaborate with top innovators and invest in breakthrough concepts. Finance plays an important role in our endeavors. We are privately funded by those who support our vision and values. We work with many different clients and financial institutions, including private investors, equity groups, and venture capital companies. Devonfield continues to provide exceptional investment opportunities to qualified individuals and capital funds.


In addition to applying these perfected strategies to our own projects, we offer our Advisory Services to select clients: individuals and organizations in search of strategic direction and expert insight. Through extensive research, Devonfield has developed proven models and a global reach in the areas of strategy, creativity, innovation, marketing, cultural trends, technology, behavioral science, educational advancement and international competition. We work with start-ups, corporations, private schools, non-profits, film companies and established authors at all different stages.


The Britfield Institute

The Britfield Institute is committed to bringing creativity into the classroom, promoting literacy, and fostering a child’s imagination. Impacting all demographics, we provide students, teachers, educators, and schools the opportunity to read and write with passion while inspiring critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. The Britfield Institute is providing underprivileged schools and children resources, workshops, and opportunities. Our council meets regularly to discuss issues such as promoting the arts, improving our educational system, and redefining media programming. Working with schools and organizations across the country, we initiate interactive programs to engage students and foster creativity, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


“Nos tibi viam inveniam aut faciam”

(We will find a way or make one)