The publishing industry has dramatically changed. Today few publishers support their authors or offer the type of resources and marketing needed to give a book the best chance to succeed. This is an unfortunate reality of the industry. Regardless of how hard you’ve worked on your book, the emphasis is on your platform: connections, marketing strategy and networks to get your book into the hands of readers.


Most authors believe that once their book is published, the hard work is over; on the contrary, the long journey has just begun. Many books will only sell 300 to 500 copies. These poor results may be caused by many things: a lack of good storytelling, an inadequate marketing plan, minimum external support or few industry connections. Not only is the traditional publishing system behind the times, but for every hundred books published, only ten to twenty turn a profit. This is why the market is flooded with poor writing and flash-over-substance material. Most publishing companies are run by corporations that don’t understand literature and the craftsmanship of good storytelling.


Do you have an idea for a book, or have you already written one? Devonfield offers fee-based advising services for serious writers and authors. We can help you with your story; create a strategic marketing plan; assist in building a platform (audience); partner with national organizations to publicize your work; organize speaking tours; and take your idea from concept to traditional or non-traditional publishing. If you are going to put in the hard work to create a story, you deserve to have your book do as well as it possibly can. We support our authors from the very first page and are always searching for great writers who are committed to uncompromising values and the pursuit of inspiring stories.


  • Story Structure
  • Professional Writing & Editing
  • Established Audience Platform
  • Marketing and Strategic Plan
  • Specific Target Demographics
  • National and International Distribution
  • Contacts with Global Retailers
  • Collaboration with Media Networks
  • Promotional Campaigns and Events
  • National Book Tours
  • Worldwide Partnerships
  • Developing Complementary Material